Susan Murumets

Susan Murumets’ musical training began at the Royal Conservatory of music where she studied voice and piano. She continued her education at the University of Guelph where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in performance. During this time she wrote, performed and recorded with a series of established jazz/pop/rock musicians in the Guelph area.

After leaving university, Susan sang with the popular Canadian band The Pursuit of Happiness, which toured throughout North America and Australia and played alongside international superstars Sinead O’Connor, Todd Rundgren, The Tragically Hip, Concrete Blonde and many others. Following The Pursuit of Happiness, Susan moved to L.A. and learned about the business side of music while working for the jazz/blues label Spindletop Records. Her next move was to beautiful British Columbia where she performed for two seasons at the world famous Mike Wiegele Heli-ski Resort with old time honky-tonk piano player Bernie Garrison.

In 1996, Susan returned to Toronto and started teaching piano and voice out of her Riverdale studio in addition to pursuing a degree in psychotherapy and eventually opening up her own private practice. Around this time she also began working with jazz pianist Marcel Aucoin. After close to 20 years of collaborating and performing their partnership is still going strong with The Cocktail Shakers.